Edinburgh Aikido Classes @ Epworth Halls, Nicolson Square

Monday and Wednesdays 6:30 - 8pm (All Levels)

These classs are suitable for all levels and covers all aspects of aikido. This includes empty hand techniques, ukemi and weapons training.

Monday 8 - 9pm (Weapons)

This class is suitable for all levels and covers the weapons work practised at the Edinburgh Aikido Club. Bokken, Jo and Tanto are studied. Kata (kumitachi, kumijo) and disarming techniques are practised. Where applicable, the relationship between the weapons and empty hand work is highlighted.

Wednesday 8-9pm (Beginners)

This class is ideal for beginners or those who have not trained in aikido for a while. The class covers basic techniques and attacks. Students are taught how to take ukemi (breakfalls) and other important aspects particular to aikido, suchs as shikko (knee-walking).

Edinburgh Aikido Classes @ Meadowbank Sports Centre

First Friday of each month, 6.30 - 7.45pm (All Levels)

Suitable for all levels. Classes will cover all aspects of aikido from basic to advanced techniques, the study of ukemi and weapons work.